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Braxted Consultancy, the technical arm of Braxted, is headed up by Mark Openshaw. The TV industry runs in Mark's veins, having started work at his family's production company at just 14 years old! This experience allowed Mark to develop a uniquely intuitive understanding of all aspects of television production. Mark later went on to study at Ravensbourne before completing an apprenticeship with one of the BBC's most respected engineers. By 22 years of age Mark had already been appointed as Chief Engineer of a major post house. Since then Mark has worked in a variety of highly demanding technical roles and developed an incredible knowledge of the technologies that drive our industry. Everything he designs and installs places the user at the helm, making the technology do all the hard work not the team.

Mark's broad training base, having graduated as a broadcast engineer and then completed an apprenticeship as a post production engineer, coupled with the enormity and diversity of his 23 years of industry experience makes him an engineering powerhouse.

Always at the forefront of technical innovation, Mark also commands an intrinsic understanding of IP development for media creation and management.

In recent years Mark has been developing large scale, high demand post production workflows and has now become one of the leading experts in this field. He works closely with manufacturers to develop ultra stable and scalable systems. One project alone produced a staggering 18.9 PB of editable media.

Mark is well known in the industry as the person to go to for ultra fast turn around 24/7 post production, large scale media management, network design and all things IP related in broadcast and post production. However, his skillset extends even further and his expertise can be applied to any technical demand our clients face.

Throughout the industry Mark's name is synonymous with engineering excellence, a reputation born of an unblemished record of innovation, skill, reliability and unparalleled expertise.

Another key member of our team is Natalie Openshaw, who entered the industry nearly 20 years ago having also graduated from Ravensbourne with a Bachelors Degree in Television Production. Natalie spent her early years in the industry working her way up through the ranks of a number of production and post production companies, gaining a wealth of experience along the way. Natalie became acutely aware of the massively declining levels of training and education within the broadcast sector, so undertook post graduate studies in education, which is one of the areas in which she focuses on now. She has acted as training & education consultant to some of the largest production companies currently operating in the UK. Natalie was also invited by Avid Technology Inc to become a member of their worldwide Education Advisory Panel, a role which saw her work collaboratively with Avid to design and deliver high quality training provision for the next generation of post production personnel.  

Natalie's keen eye for detail and broad ranging industry experience also make her incredibly efficient in her other role, as coordinator of Braxted Consultancy's operations. She manages teams of contractors, liaising seamlessly between engineers, wiremen, directors, producers and all other team members to ensure the smooth running of every project we undertake.

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