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Braxted takes the subject of General Data Protection Regulation very seriously as our core business is data! 

Braxted is committed to handling all data we collect, hold or manage in a secure and responsible manner. Our policy applies to all employees, freelancers, contractors, visitors and customers.

Our policy follows six defined principles for processing of personal data;

1) Lawfulness, fairness and transparency.

2) Purpose limitation.

3) Data minimisation.

4) Data Accuracy.

5) Storage limitation.

6) Integrity and confidentiality.

The information we sometimes collect is

  1. Contact form on our website

  2. Name and contact data: first and last name, email address, postal address, phone number and other similar contact data such as delivery address.

  3. Interactions with us such as content of messages, e-mails, letters 

  4. Login credentials and passwords

  5. Payment data necessary to process your payment

  6. Purchases data including quotes, purchase orders, account status, balance and any overdue payment.

  7. CCTV: data captured by our security cameras

  8. Business card given to us at a meeting

  9. Demographic data: age, gender, etc.

  10. Finding it on the internet or anywhere it is publicly disclosed​

We could use any information held by us strictly with in the parameters of UK law, to 

  1. Provide you with the goods and services you ask from us

  2. Comply with legal obligations

  3. Conduct our business operations

  4. Marketing activities

  5. Use it for human resources management and accreditation purposes

We never share any data held to third parties without the relevant parties approval. The parties that we will share your data with are

  • Barclays Bank to process payment transactions/provide financial services

  • Legal authorities or regulatory bodies as dictated by UK law

  • legal parties involved with current or prospective legal proceedings, or assisting us to establish, exercise or defend our legal protection.

The data will only be retained as long as needed for the purposes for which they have been collected. This would include some personal data even at the end of a transaction or contract, for example to resolve any potential disputes, ongoing or prospective legal proceedings and to comply with our legal obligations and to defend our

legal rights.​

Data security is at the heart of Braxted and is taken very seriously. All sensitive data is securely stored on virtual services suppled by AWS. The access of said data is performed through encrypted links and is always password secured. Offline backups of data are stored in a remote location and secured with a locked safe.

GDPR Policy: Welcome
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