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Our vast experience in running exceptionally large scale, high dependency systems like that of Big Brother UK, Love Island, I'm a Celebrity, has given us a truly versatile network skillset.

The scale of the projects that we have previously designed and managed is incredible. One of our larger projects would generate over 14Tb of media a day, using just over 3/4 PB of storage, 6 separate NAS systems with 34 Avid edit suites constantly pulling multiple streams of high definition data simultaneously, operating 24/7 for months at a time. 

Over the years of  managing constant 24/7 ingest projects, we have gained extensive knowledge with EVS Broadcast, MRES and Quadrus ingest solutions and are flexible with actioning whichever product is suitable or required.

As EVS Broadcast has been one of the market leaders in data storage and manipulation over the past 20 years, we have managed installations and supported from as early as 2005 in a vast variety of configurations, giving us a 'go to' reputation for EVS installations.

Over the past 15 years EVS broadcast products had left the conventional broadcast video replay arena and is a data storage, distribution, virtualisation and MAM sector which fits in Braxted skill portfolio perfectly.  

We also have specialist expertise in Cisco, Dell, Arista  HP routers and the deployment and management of multiple large scale NAS's, PAM's, MAM's. These skills have been developed through years of hands on experience at the forefront of some of the largest productions in the UK to date. 

Our knowledgeable and highly professional team will work closely with you to design and install bespoke systems tailored specifically to your requirements.

Alternatively we can troubleshoot, review, update and fix your existing equipment to ensure that you are getting the very best performance from your technical infrastructure.



The core members of our team originally qualified and entered the industry right at the start of the non-linear migration, we have literally grown up together! This has meant that we have gained masses of experience of the technology at each stage of its evolution and have an intuitive understanding of its nature. We have lived and breathed non-linear editing throughout our professional lives, we constantly keep ourselves fully abreast of every development and innovation, even when they are still at the R&D stage, so our knowledge and expertise is at a level at least 5 years in advance of most users.


We pride ourselves on understanding not just how machines work, but people too! We create bespoke post production solutions that are designed to meet your needs precisely. We know exactly how to make the equipment work for you, not against you!

We have achieved a fantastic reputation for our Avid technology knowledge including ISIS, Nexis, Interplay, Distribute, Central UX, Cloud UX, Media Composer, Protools, Venue.

Our skills don't just extend to Avid technologies, we have extensive experience with the majority of post production systems including Autodesk, Adobe, Baselight, Da Vinci, Newtek, various NDI products and Dante products.


The technical team at Braxted are highly qualified Broadcast Engineers who have decided to specialise in bespoke, high end network solutions. We have a broad spectrum of experience, having worked in facility houses, on location and with in-house facilities at key broadcasters throughout the UK and Europe. As a result we truly understand the many and varying pressures on both equipment and people throughout our industry. We will help you find a technical solution that works perfectly in sync with the needs of your productions, your staff and your clients.



Each member of the Braxted technical team gained an initial qualification in broadcasting before moving across to specialise in Post Production. This dual skill set has proved enormously useful in helping us to design systems what work collaboratively with all areas of production throughout our many years in the industry. However this broad knowledge base is now proving more vital than ever as the broadcast and OB sectors are following in the footsteps of the post production sector and completely moving away from Baseband across to IP workflows. This means that the years of IP knowledge that we have gained whilst working in post production, combined with our true broadcast engineer knowledge base makes us an unique and trusted supporting asset to the Broadcast OB market. 

As more and more production clients want to combine systems like ingest, editing, file management with the broadcast OB suppliers, a support engineer that can setup and work within both camps is a very cost effective member of the crew.

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