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we only have one planet!

Braxted is conscious of our social responsibilities with regards to helping the environment through our working practices. Our objective is not only to sustain our environment for our descendants but also to rehabilitate the damage previously done. We believe that our responsibility goes beyond our proprietary borders and therefore every effort will be made to conserve resources throughout our operations.

We will try to not only meet existing environmental laws and regulations, but will endeavour to go beyond the status quo and see techniques and approaches that position us ahead of our competition.

Braxted will endeavour to reduce the impact on the environment wherever possible with respect to transport, by

  • All vehicles the company own and operates are the most energy efficient vehicle in their class with the very lowest emissions (i.e. zero road tax)

  • Seek and employ local products and services to reduce transport costs.

  • Braxted will always avoid unnecessary travel and when needed will use energy efficient vehicles and driving styles.

  • Encourage the use of public transport, cycle or foot.

  • To eliminate unnecessary and inefficient use of its owned motor vehicles, and wherever possible, that of other vehicles. Where ever possible car pooling will be implemented.

Energy & Water Consumption

Braxted accepts a share of the UK's commitment to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions both by attaining greater efficiency in total energy consumption and by the use of 'green' technologies. 

  • All of Braxted's heating requirements are provided by one of the most efficient Air Source heat pumps available.

  • Braxted operates a rain water harvesting system

  • Braxted operates its own waste water treatment plant onsite and makes every effort to use water efficiently

  • Every lighting system at Braxted is low energy LED

  • The power consumption is constantly monitored to achieve minimum energy consumption.

  • All infrastructure installed at Braxted has 'green' optimisation which will reduce power consumption when possible

Braxted's main office is a purpose built timber building with clay tile roof, all locally sourced to minimise the environmental impact of building it compared to a modern concrete or brick building.

Braxted will always try to minimize the production of waste and pollution and maximise any recycling. This includes separated recycle bins for glass, paper and cardboard, plastic, cans/tins.

When sourcing materials and resources the environmental impact of the goods is always at the top of a decision list. The factors included in this, are

  • Avoiding using materials which have an undesirable effect on the environment, and wherever possible use locally made recycled goods.

  • Will always try to use contractors who also share a commitment to the environment, and take into account lifetime costs of materials .

  • The pure nature of Braxted means it always tries to maximise use of electronic communication and information storage as an alternative to paper

  • All staff try to take into account the environmental quality and impact of food products and where possible to purchase food which has been grown locally.

To counter act the unfortunate effect of operating technology that does require some power, cooling and travel, Braxted operates a real carbon offset policy which ensures the planting of real trees on Braxted's own land which is managed by a real forestry contractor - not a fictional 'plant a tree in scotland' for 25p and you can drive another 100 miles scheme!

This scheme will help to protect and enhance natural habitats and wildlife and take appropriate opportunities to enhance them.  Braxted always look to minimise impact on local wildlife, and to look for opportunities to work with the local community in caring for the local environment.

We all need somewhere healthy for our children to grow up in.

Environmental Policy: Welcome
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