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Our clients often approach us with amazing production ideas but they are frequently unsure how to get it off the ground technically. As always one of the biggest concerns is budget, then resources, timing and finally risk management.

We offer our clients support every step of the way, giving expert guidance on how to the shoot, edit and deliver within budget, time constraints and current technology availability. We can assist with writing tenders, assessing tenders and ensuring that the tender response will deliver on time, on budget and most importantly, securely.

An in depth technical understanding such as ours is vital when planning a new production. We live in exciting times, with new innovations coming at us thick and fast but this can make it difficult to know which system will work for your production. Choosing the wrong technology for your project can have serious consequences but with our expert guidance not only can such disasters can be prevented, we can also ensure that your project makes full and efficient use of the most appropriate systems to suit the demands of your producation. Such streamlining can have far reaching benefits, often reducing staffing requirements, improving delivery times and minimising expenditure.


As everybody in production is fully aware, the conventional TV production company no longer exists. Audiences consume media in so many different ways that every production needs to expand on its distribution methods in order to engage viewers.

Starting as far back as 2013, we have consulted with Avid Technology to develop their second screen viewing concept and possible toolsets to support the industry in its development.

Embracing the expanding mediums of entertainment is absolutely essential in order for any production company to thrive. Our wealth of expertise ensures that our clients are able fully maximise their presence on all available distribution streams. 


The implementation of project management, task management and productivity software packages for team collaboration is an area in which our clients frequently ask for our support. These management software packages are designed to assist Production Managers and Unit Managers to control budgets, ensure tasks are being fulfilled on time and head off any potential over spends.

Braxted is a longstanding Asana trainer and ambassador and we have implimented Asana software successfully on a great number of projects. Asana is a secure cloud based collaborative tool which enables users to assign tasks, documents, responsibilities and time constraints to each member of their team.  The also system will alert you if a task is not completed on schedule whilst simultaneously reminding that team member that they have missed the deadline. The software is cloud based and is accessed by mobile device or a web browser.

Braxted does not supply the access to the Asana site, this is direct with Asana and we have no financial benefits with them. Asana is a large organisation developed by ex Google and Facebook founders.


Ever had that feeling that your suppliers are more concerned with their sales figures than efficiently meeting the needs of your production? With the ever present spectre of financial constraints looming over every project we can help you to scrutinise every aspect of your broadcast and post production quotes, helping to eliminate that which is not truly needed and cut the ubiquitous 'you need it because it's always done that way'! 

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