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post production but with a difference supplied by sister company Braxted Media

Image by Dose Media


The key philosophy of Braxted Media is that we all work as a team to get the job done and never cut corners. You won't find a more hard working, courteous and dedicated team than Braxted Media!


We pride ourselves on the mutually respectful relationships we forge with our clients. 

The industry has changed considerably over the last 10 years, we never fight the changes we just work with them.

We always quote a job accurately from the start and never charge for unexpected extras.

Image by Nik MacMillan


The team that drive Braxted Media have been working together since 2002. We've been there, done that and delivered it!

Brett Evans - Operations Director

With over 26 years experience in the media industry, including the last 18 as a Head Post Production Coordinator, Brett has gained a reputation second to none. He specialises in the light entertainment and reality fields and has probably worked with or employed at least 95% of all the freelance editors available in that field, so he can always match the correct editor to the shift. 

Brett is always very hands-on with the projects he oversees, his exceptional eye and ear for detail ensures that nothing ever goes out on his watch that does not come up to his very exacting standards. 

Not only does Brett accept nothing but perfection, his outstanding interpersonal and people management skills are an absolutely invaluable asset to any production. He consistently creates a respectful and professional environment on every project which enables all team members to feel valued and inspired to give 100% to the job in hand. This ethos not only creates a more effective workforce, it has also cultivated an enormous culture of loyalty to Brett, many of the industry's top editors actively seek out the work that Brett has to offer and as a result Braxted Media offers our clients the very best talent in the business.

Mark Openshaw - Technical Director

At a tender age of just 14, Mark started work at his family's production company, gaining a uniquely intuitive understanding of all aspects of television production. Mark later went on to study at Ravensbourne before completing an apprenticeship one of the BBC most respected engineers. By 22 years of age Mark had already been appointed as Chief Engineer of a major post house. Since then Mark has worked in a variety of highly demanding technical roles and developed an incredible knowledge of the technologies that drive our industry. Everything he designs and installs places the user at the helm, making the technology do all the hard work not the team.

Throughout the industry Mark's name is synonymous with engineering excellence, a reputation born of an unblemished record of innovation, skill, reliability and unparalleled expertise.

Image by Caspar Camille Rubin


For the past 17 years the team at Braxted Media has supplied, managed and crewed a vast array of productions, the most long running of which was Big Brother UK.

From a technical standpoint, Big Brother was a collosaus. Producing daily shows on a 24 hour turnaround for prolonged periods, during which time incredible amounts of media were ingested, logged and managed has meant that as a team we have become exceptionally skilled at configuring solutions that deliver phenomenal reliability.

Our track record for exceptional professionalism and reliability has been further proven with each production we have collaborated on.

Our portfolio also encompasses international projects which have taken us around the world. From Spain, to Australia to the USA, we have facilitated seamless integration with UK partners.


Image by JC Gellidon


At Braxted Media reliability and quality of service is our primary concern. We therefore only ever use enterprise infrastructure, which ensures the highest level of performance for our clients. Many companies find that the costs involved in using such high-end equipment make it uncompetitive in the normal post production model. We were unwilling to compromise on quality and so we had to re-write the rule book and create a unique business model that enabled us to deliver a premium service at a competitive price.

We needed to be leaner and more efficient than other post companies. By far the greatest cost for these companies is staffing and the cost of running premises, so we removed those factors from our business model, we are strictly a location / your office post solution. We have automated as many parts of the business as possible, so we don't have sunk costs like receptionists, accountants, runners, building maintenance etc. This allows us to invest in the very best equipment whilst remaining competitively priced for our clients.



Our highly efficient business model has shrunk our overheads massively, meaning our operating costs are considerably lower than other post companies. This enables us to supply more secure and stable solutions at much lower rates than many other companies charge for lesser technologies.  

We have a long history as innovators of new systems and workflows. We work closely with a variety of manufacturers, collaborating with them on the research and development for their latest products. One of our most significant endeavours to date is the highly successful design of the workflow for fast turn around media production. Not only did we create and implement this system, we actually helped the manufactures develop the products for it. As the architects of such workflows, which are so crucial for a successful production, we truly understand their capabilities and how they can be tailored to the needs of each client.

We operate our own core equipment, because we need to know it is performing well and correctly maintained, we leave absolutely nothing to chance. We also have strong relationships with well respected hire organisations which ensures that we can source additional auxiliary equipment with ease.

Image by Agence Olloweb


Our track record encompasses some quite remarkable statistics!

  • We have overseen the creation of well over 2000 x 1 hour programs, many of which were edited and finished within a 24 hour turnaround.

  • Over 10 PB of media has been generated on our productions.

  • Whilst working as part of the team at Big Brother UK we were recording 16 streams of HD broadcast material, 24 hours a day for over 95 days, without any loss of material at all.

  • We simultaneously recorded 96 individual broadcast quality audio channels, 24 hours a day for over 95 days without any loss of material at all.

  • We have spent over a decade operating in excess of 20 broadcast finishing edit suits on location for over 95 days at a time, many of which were in use 24hrs a day, with no down time.

No other post production company can come close to this track record.......we simply deliver. 



We are not to be confused with a hire company for 5 reasons,

  1. We do not simply install the equipment and leave, we stay and manage the facilities and take ownership of the project 24/7, we take as much pride in your production as you do!

  2. We have a wealth of industry experience, making our team an invaluable addition to any project.

  3. We don't just supply the kit, our unique service includes matching the perfect editors to each production, based on their style, experience and skillset. Once your edit team assembled, we manage them on a daily basis, creating a calm and professional environment in which to work and create. We are totally hands on with every project, so if an editor calls in sick at 08:00, we will find you a replacement for them that day. We provide a complete turnkey post production solution.

  4. We build a tailored solution that does all the hard work, this in turn reduces the staffing costs for a production and offers an exciting range of features for our clients to utilise.

  5. We operate our own core equipment which is maintained by us and transported by us. It's the same as anything, if you own it personally you take care of it.

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